Dale Hollow Lake Fishing Report February 19, 2014

As we know our winter has been somewhat colder than our past few years. Cold weather techniques will prevail such as jigs, float n’ fly, and tail spinners. Remember to fish your bait choices somewhat slow due to the cold temperatures. A good tip is because we might receive some warm days, it takes the water temperature a longer period to respond. Fish locations have been main lake pockets and secondary points and back in creeks. You need to check for water temperature changes and fish the warmest water you can find, which controls the shad movement. Bass will always relate to their food source. Dale Hollow has several spawning flats you should locate these and find where the deeper water meets these areas. Fish the deeper water with jigs, tail spinners and small swim baits to name a few. Live bait is always a cold weather option 25 -28 feet range in depth. This is absolutely a good time to search out your spawning areas because the extended daylight hours controls the fish movement toward these areas as much as water temp. We will watch the weather patterns and future reports will be adjusted according to our conditions. If you need any additional information please give me a call at 270-427-0419, you can also check out my web page at www.bobbygentry.com or find me on facebook.

Bobby Gentry