Fishing report August 20, 2013 Dale Hollow Lake

Bite is still good at night time. Smallmouth are running in the depth ranges of 12 to 20 feet, the larger fish seem to be at the deeper range. I am using jigs 1/4oz Brown/Orange in color. I am catching several large mouth in creeks and in backs of pockets on river channels. Another technique that is working this time of year, I have been running a spinner bait at grass edges and top of weed beds. Use dark color spinner baits with nickel Colorado blades, 3/4oz has been my weight choice. Texas rigging Strawberry 10 inch worms will produce some nice large mouth during the remainder of this month and into the first of the next. Early morning and late afternoon top water is always an option, Pop R’s and Spooks have been my bait of choice. This pattern should continue until mid to late August depending on weather conditions. As water cools I will be trending more towards a daytime bite. We can be more specific on our next report after monitoring the weather conditions on the lake as the weather changes. If you have any questions or need any help please give me a call 270-427-0419.