Dale Hollow Lake Fishing Report / Forcast May 14, 2013

Fishing Forecast 5/14/13

Largemouth bass have been holding around flooded bushes and wood cover, this will continue throughout the late spring and earl summer. Early morning and late afternoon use top water. Worms and brush hogs work really well for these species. Smallmouth bite is leaning toward and late afternoon and early morning. We are fastly approaching night patterns for smallmouth due to the warming temp and increased boat traffic. Hair jigs, spinnerbaits are by bait of choice. This continues throughout the summer, the depth is a critical part as water temp increases the dept will vary. Fish clay banks with rock transition areas because the smallmouth feed pretty heavy on the crayfish. Black jigs and Green Pumpkin trailers are excellent for this time of year, you can also use Watermelon Red flake trailers for your jigs, which is also very good. Chartreuse and White spinnerbaits are also effective for largemouth and smallmouth for this part of the season. If you have any specific questions please contact me at 270-427-0419. It has been a trying time this spring with the conditions but there is good fish to be caught with these techniques. Good fishing and good luck. Check out my new web site at www.bobbygentry.com, comments are appreciated to help me better improve communication with my fellow fisherman.
Thank you
Bobby Gentry